DIY Food

We will be working towards how to grow ALL your own food in time, but you don’t have to make that a personal goal, and you certainly don’t have to start there.

Growing the majority of the food you eat every day is not as difficult as it may seem. Even if you have never engaged in anything farm related, it doesn’t take much to put your own food on the table.

A few things will happen as you begin to grow and raise your own food. First, you will save any amazing amount of money. When you consider you’re paying three to four times the amount in the grocery store that it costs to raise or grow something for yourself, the savings add up quickly.


You will be eating much healthier. Almost all grocery store food is not created with your best interests in mind. The food in the supermarket is produced for one purpose, to deliver profits to giant corporations. Nothing that puts more money in a food giant’s pocket is good for your health.

You will be making the world a better place. Every ounce of food that is eaten where it’s grown is a small victory for the environment.

Your life will become more interesting. There is nothing interesting about going to the grocery store to pick up a dozen eggs and some lettuce. But when your own chickens are laying eggs, they will not just provide you with eggs. They will provide you with entertainment, adventure, and pride as well.